About Moonday - A Guidebook for Girls on Menache

@Authored by Harita Jeong, together with Minsong, Subak, Yeoreum, Sojung, Youngeun and Hyein

@Book Purchase: HAPPY MOONDAY Inc.

8 women gathered to make a compact but professional guidebook for girls on first-ever period! We've learned that even in Korea, a highly industrialized state, there are young girls, who could not afford menstrual pads. The one, who live in broken families are in worse conditions. Beside pad donations, we would like to transfer our wisdom and knowledge on menstruation with these girls, hoping our attempt would fill the losses and gaps that they experience.  

They are still not many, not enough resources for women to acknowledge their monthly bleeding. Sex education at schools are limited to biology, and information on the internet is fragmented. We've decided to make a comprehensive and practical guide book.

Table of Contents
1. Menstrual Products:
  • Pads
  • Tampons
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Alternative Discourses on Menstruation I.
2. Menstruation And My Body:
  • What Is Menstruation?
  • Precautions for Menstruation
  • Symptoms of Menstruation
  • Alternative Discourses on Menstruation II.


October 2017


Happy Moonday Inc. (Publisher)




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