Searching for home 2022

@Location: Berlin, Germany & Seoul, Korea

>>Searching for home 2022<< is an interdisciplinary art project exploring the concept “Home” in various social, political and personal contexts. Project director Haneul Kang, who is a curious wanderer, met other wonderer women in her journey and listened to their stories. Crossing numerous boundaries, these women attempted to search, define and redefine “Home” where they can belong.
Harita participated in the project as an Asian immigrant artist, who lives in Germany and vigorously tells stories about her existential conditions in different art media. She is credited as Text, Voice and Interviewee.
The final product of the >>Searching for Home 2022<< was presented in Seoul with an interactive exhibition as well as a documentary theater performance.    
Writer, Director, Sound, Video: Haneul Kang / Performer: Haneul Kang, Jiwon Shin, Sangmi Shin / Archiving Shoot: Jisoo Lee

Harita says:

" (...) Let's say there is a white man walking down the street. The white male can be anything to other people who are looking at him. Anything is possible. There are hundreds and thousands of possible combinations of job, age, marital status, hobby, strengths and dispositions. But, when an Asian woman like me passes by on that same street, people rather judge me quickly with only a few options. Ah, I guess she is an international student from China. Oh, she is probably dating with a German guy (...)"

"The question where are you from? Woher kommen Sie? It's a very common one. But the question…actually make me really lonely. Beneath the innocent and casual word, an assumption lies. oh, you look different. You're not from here. I know that. To me, this comes across as a differentiating, an exclusion. I wish this question disappeared, gone."

"생각해 보면 이주라는게, 뿌리째 뽑는거예요. 내가 나를 뿌리째 뽑아서, 송두리째 들어서 먼곳으로 데려왔는데 옮겨심을 데가 없어. 금방 안찾아지죠. 절대. 저는 7년동안 11번의 이사를 했어요.
그렇다고 막 불행했던건 아니에요. 원래 뿌리가 좀 말라도, 잘려도 안죽어요. 막 외로웠던것도 아니고요. 무엇보다 내가 선택한거고, 그렇게 나는 강해졌다는거."

"저에게 홈은 이제는 복수형이에요. 제가 나고 자란, 여전히 애증으로 마음속에 가득한 한국도 저의 홈이고 언제까지나, 그리고 이제는 7년째 살고 있는 독일도 역시 저에게 홈이고. 사람들과 부대끼면서 어떤 사회 변화를 겪을수 있는 도시에 있는 집. 그리고 제가 어떤 성찰을 할수 있는 시골에 있는 집. 혹은 또 다른 무언가. 그런 것이 우리에게 가능한 사회였으면 좋겠고 저는 계속 꿈을 꾸고 싶어요."