Seyeon Harita Jeong is an interdisciplinary artist based in Freiburg, Germany and Seoul, Korea. She promotes diversity in gender, cultures and ecosystems through the telling of her own stories, the sharing of knowledge as well as reflecting on different lives and societies. She invites you to rethink your current reality and to cross existing boundaries though the questioning of social norms. 

하리타. 독일-한국 기반 경계인 창작자. "경계를 넘나드는 만남과 발견들!" (한국어 포트폴리오:


Writer, Journalist

Lecturer, Writing Coach

Community Organizer, Event Moderator

Visual & Performing Artist



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Harita studied at the Albert-Ludwig-Universitaet Freiburg (Germany), the University of Southern California (USA), the University of Maryland (USA) and the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea). Other Inputs include Cultural Anthropology, Critical Sociology, Gender Studies, Post-colonial Studies.


M.Sc. Environmental Governance

B.S. Advertising and Public Relations  

B.A. English Interpretation And Translation


Feminist Journal ILDA

Environmental Education for All Research Institute

Alumni Network of Ecology, Sustainability, and Conservation

Green Party Korea

Korea Verband e.V.

MeToo Asians e.V.

Unicorn Music & Culture Center



"Growing up in the ‘forest of high rise flats’ on the edge of Seoul, Korea I was always attracted to the real forests. Learning about animals and plants, or writing and crafting in nature made me the most joyful. Nevertheless, my childhood was rather an intense navigation throughout endless study hours, contest preps and school mobbings. The tension escalated highest while going to an elite boarding school, which initially mobillized me toward leftist ideas about social criticism.


Later, the displeased but passionate young woman eventually became a NGO activist after some teaching jobs and office work. My crucial identity as an activist was as a feminist and an environmentallist. Fighting for what one believes in: It surprisingly felt like a dead-end then. Because that life didn’t seem to sustain. High expenses in the metropolitan, huge consumerism cultures, societal obsession to being rich, successful and pretty, rigid gender norms in my family and communities - all of these suffocated me and forced me to live with fake selves. I was fragmented into many pieces of contradicting identities. So I left. I left for a radical shift.


Freiburg, a small city in Southwest Germany has been my new stomping ground since the transformation. The city indeed provides unique living standards; the Black Forest, green party governments, eco-friendly lifestyle as major trends, abundant esoteric crowds and young, queer constellations. My new surroundings kept telling me that it is okay to bare myself. And this also nurtured some virtues inside me; such as creativity, freedom, liberation, courage, which finally led to an existential metamorphosis of my life. I redefined myself as an artist. An artist who inspires the society with her own journey and findings. An artist who longs for deeper and stronger connections to the world. An artist who wants more bold expeditions.   


Now I invite you to be connected with me; To cross and deconstruct our life-constraining boundaries, to ask further who we are and what we do in this life. Harita Moonrider Arts is one of the  platforms. This small atelier, which is located in Kulturpark Freiburg, aims to be a cozy meeting place for local, self-defined artists, so they can grow together. The space especially welcomes people with colorful backgrounds and identities. Immigrants, women, queer other artists can inspire each other at HMA through workshops, exhibitions and other events."