24 Lavanderia

@Location_Los Angeles, USA

"In all these afternoon's waiting, many marks of life walk into the washer. They are fully drenched, rinsed, spun and dried after bubbled and bleached. Just like those big piles of washing. My sweaty desire. Your stained pain. Her forgotten happiness. And our dust-covered hopes. Please be washed away, therefore, to live again with us. Here, right here." - Harita Jeong

This documentary project originated from the artist's anthropological research titled "Ethnic Minority in The Small Business: Korean-Latino Work Relations in A Coin Laundry." The study focuses on ethnic composition and interethnic dynamics in the workplace, demonstrating a distinct type of Korean-Latino relations. These include an employer who experiences unstable authority due to his contrasting status as both an employer and an ethnic minority, while being surrounded by employees from another ethnicity and cultural orientation.

One of the study’s main findings is that an employer’s sociocultural status as an ethnic minority inevitably produces disadvantages. The author (Harita Jeong) derives her findings through personal narratives, discourse analysis, and in-depth interviews to present ethnographic evidence and discusses possible strategies for cultural coexistence in the workplace.

To read the full paper, please contact Harita.